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Diagnostics Second opinion Prevention Regeneration


Diagnostics, in particular early stage diagnosis, plays a particularly important role in our practice because it is an instrument with which diseases can be prevented.

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Second opinion

You have received a diagnosis from your doctor and you are still unsure what it means for you? It is now common and not wrong to seek advice from another dentist or specialist.

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Prevention is our strength, biological tooth preservation our passion. Prevention is the key element of our concept. The main objective is the prevention of diseases and their consequences.

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Nutrition consultation

Digestion already begins in the mouth and the health of your teeth is therefore inseparably linked to the diet. Also in this respect, you benefit from our network of specialists.

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Tooth preservation. Different, biological, sustainable, innovative. The goal of regeneration is the preservation of the tooth and gentle treatment with minimally invasive therapy. What does this mean?

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Preserving your tooth according to biological and sustainable principles. Bacteria in the root canal play a decisive role in any inflammation of the tooth nerve. This method of cleaning and disinfection significantly reduces the number of bacteria.

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In certain cases, it is possible to replace the dead tissue in the tooth root with new tissue. This therapy is called revitalization. The cells needed for this are already in your blood.

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Best chewing comfort with regenerative tooth preservation. The filling serves to restore the chewing stability of the tooth. We want the filling to last a long time, preferably your whole life. The more lasting a filling is, the lower the risk of inflammation of the tooth.

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Each amalgam filling contains the heavy metal mercury. To prevent you from absorbing this mercury, we use multi-stage protection in our practice when removing the amalgam.

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Crowns, bridges,...

In most cases, we recommend stabilizing the tooth with a crown after a root canal treatment. The crown stabilizes a tooth that is susceptible to fracture in the long term view. All of the work we do here is metal-free.

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"Innovations are an alliance with the future." © Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger (*1939) Cold Atmospheric Plasma a painless and highly efficient way to successfully treat viral and bacterial diseases in the mouth.

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Specialists Network

We specialize in regenerative dentistry. This means that we can not offer you every therapy.

We do not offer you any surgical measures such as the removal of teeth, wisdom teeth, gum surgery, etc.
We are dedicated exclusively to the preservation of your tooth.

Should you require a service that we do not offer directly, we will transfer you to our specialist network or we will appoint a specialist for you in our practice. We believe that you always get the right treatment when you go to a specialist.


Your Tooth

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Regenerative Dentistry
Share a smile with your future.

Do you know the feeling, when you are told after an accident, that it no longer makes sense to repair your beloved car because it is an "economic total loss"?

Why shouldn't we prevent your tooth? The tooth is a biologically grown structure that no artificial material can compete with. The tooth has no "expiration date" and health has no "inflation". The tooth should last your whole life!
Tooth = future.

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