Best chewing comfort with regenerative tooth preservation

What is the purpose of a filling?

The filling serves to restore the tooth to caustic stability. For this purpose many different materials are used in dentistry (cements, compomers, composites, etc.). Depending on the material and application, an edge gap between the tooth and the filling may form over time. This is then often a reason for another tooth decay and / or loss of filling.

Every time you lose a filling, the tooth will be ground away a little more. This can not be repeated any number of times without the tooth nerve eventually igniting.

The consequence of repeated filling and / or caries therapy is therefore always the risk of painful inflammation of the tooth nerve. In addition, you can not provide each tooth defect with a filling, so if a large "hole in the tooth", if necessary, a crown must be made to stabilize the tooth.

The grinding of the tooth also carries the risk of inflammation of the tooth nerve, etc.

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Long-lasting filling

We want the filling to last as long as possible, and best of all, your life. The more sustainable a filling is, the lower the risk of inflammation.

Therefore, we use rubber dam for each filling. This is a blanket that protects the tooth from the oral cavity and saliva. We want to prevent bacteria from reaching the tooth to be treated. In addition, a filling can only hold well when the tooth is dry.

The caries is removed with the help of the microscope and caries fluorescence technique gently and minimally invasive. The tooth is now disinfected by "cold-atmospheric plasma". This also increases the adhesion (adhesive force) to the tooth. We use a composite of the latest generation, which is highly aesthetic and kaustabil. This composite has the lowest polymerization shrinkage, thereby reducing the risk of edge gaps between tooth and composite.

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Save Time and Money

A filling according to our concept should guarantee your usual chewing comfort, with the best aesthetics and save you time and money of follow-up.

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