Tooth preservation. Different, biological, long-lasting, innovative.

Conservation and gentle treatment

What does that mean?

If an initial caries in the enamel is noticed during our early diagnosis, the aim, in this case, is to avoid filling by means of our regenerative treatments.

However, the substance lost through deep caries is irretrievably lost. The body can no longer repair a deep hole in the tooth. The tooth is no longer stable against chewing. Therefore, the tooth must be restored and stabilized so that it does not break and can be fully loaded again.

The regenerative treatment is aimed at the inside of the tooth and the regeneration (protection) of the tooth nerves in order to avoid pain and a root canal treatment. For example, we perform a "stepwise" removal of caries. A painless but efficient disinfection of the tooth is then carried out with "cold atmospheric plasma ". The filling of the tooth is supported with artificial tooth material (Biodentine*), which is highly biocompatible. The longevity of the filling is guaranteed by the use of the most advanced generation of highly aesthetic composites (Admira Fusion*).

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Does your tooth have to be removed?

A root canal treatment is needed. Does the tooth have to be removed sooner or later?

No, definitely not! Your tooth is not dead, even if the tooth nerve inside the tooth is inflamed or dead! The tooth continues to be supplied by the surrounding tissue (root skin, bone), which is well supplied with blood. The difficulty of tooth preservation here is disinfection and complete cleaning of the root.

We use the highest possible international standards to ensure the best prognosis. The technical and methodical effort is high, but the goal here is again a painless therapy and a lifetime of tooth preservation with regenerative materials. In some cases, classical root canal treatment can be avoided by " vital pulp therapy "* or complete revitalization/revascularization*. The vital tissue in the root canal can either be preserved or completely regenerated. We do not use stem cell or gene therapy!

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Regeneration instead of restoration

Share a smile with your future. The goal is a long lasting preservation of your own teeth with the usual chewing comfort. The extraction of the tooth is avoided by a root canal treatment with a regenerative concept.

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