Prevention is our strength, biological treatment is our passion.

Prevention as a key element

Prevention is the key element of our concept and a direct result of early-stage diagnostics. The main objective of our concept is the prevention of diseases and/or their consequences. How does it work?

Early diagnosis and prevention are closely linked.

For example, you have not been to the dentist for a long time because you have not had any complaints.

During the dental examination, it is evident that you have several sites of initial caries and some sites of progressive caries. In addition, there is a gap at the edge of a filling on which a root canal treatment was previously carried out.

The following therapies are now aimed at avoiding filling or inflammation of the tooth nerve or reinfection of the root canal treated tooth.

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Can the tooth be saved?

The progressive caries areas must be treated, but minimally invasive. This means that we will try to prevent root canal treatment by means of regenerative measures.

Root canal treatment is the most common consequence of deep caries.

The marginal gap in the filling of a tooth with a root canal filling means that bacteria can easily enter the root canal from the saliva. Due to this "leakage", the root canal can be reinfected, which you will only feel when it is too late. In this case, the filling should be replaced and it should be checked whether there is already an inflammation at the root tip.

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The future is prevention

Conclusion: "Pain is always a bad advisor". In dentistry, pain is usually associated with an advanced disease! Many diseases can be avoided by timely check-ups and prevention through regenerative dentistry.

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