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with your future

Preserve your tooth,
according to biological and
lasting principles.


Some time ago, a patient came to us.

She came with a wish to save her tooth. She had already been to her practitioner, who had advised her to extract the tooth. Since she denied it, her dentist sent her to a specialist. He just looked at the x-ray and said that he was a specialist for implants and that an implant would be better for her.

Because an implant also involves some risks, she turned to friends and colleagues disappointed and finally found our practice. After a detailed discussion and examination of the tooth, it turned out after the examination that this tooth is very likely to be preserved. The therapy was not painful and in further regular check-ups, we had to see how the tooth would develop. In the regular follow-up checks after the therapy, it turned out that the tooth, as with other patients, is chewable, stable, pain-free and inflammation-free. The patient continues to be in regular control. She has her usual chewing comfort and is still happy with her rescued tooth.

Regenerative Dentistry

Our Mission

We preserve your tooth with passion in a stress- and painless treatment. The latest scientific findings and the most modern methods enable us to do this for the rest of your life. To guarantee you a better attitude to life thanks to the usual chewing comfort and natural aesthetics. We believe in biological principles.

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The Team

Dr. Christian Holscher


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Dr. C. Holscher / Praxis Kiantu

The focus is on

Your future

The focus of every treatment is the individualized therapy and long-term dental and health maintenance of our patients! Against the background of the constantly increasing number of patients, whose need is to maintain their health in the future, the practice KIANTU has made it its goal to meet this need. Share a smile with your future.


The practice with the feeling of well-being


Empathy, self-reflection, understanding, and reliability form the basis for long-term cooperation with our patients and colleagues. Sustainable, lasting and different. Listen attentively, ask questions, answer your questions, take your time and offer various treatment alternatives. Our Kiantu practice is characterized by friendly contact and a short distance to the doctor, modern medicine and coordinated treatment in association with other doctors.

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