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The essence of a correct diagnosis

Nothing is as old as yesterday's diagnosis." © Dr. Gerhard Kocher (*1939)

Diagnostics, in particular early stage diagnosis, plays a particularly important role in our practice because it is an instrument with which diseases can be prevented. Innovative techniques and methods make the early detection of a disease possible.

Early treatment is associated with less pain, time and treatment requirements for our patients. Remember: not every illness is immediately noticeable, e.g. in the form of pain! Often the disease is already very progressed when you feel pain. Avoid extensive, time-consuming and possibly painful emergency treatments and come to an early stage diagnosis.

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Early stage diagnosis

What do we do in early diagnostics?

First of all, we take enough time for you. A first complete, comprehensive check-up takes about 45 minutes.

This includes

Detailed medical consultation (anamnesis, wishes/problems), complete tooth-related clinical examination with the help of magnification aids (operating microscope, loupes), micro-endoscope, caries diagnostics with fluorescence camera, caries risk determination, caries X-ray examination for so-called "hidden caries", tongue and oral mucosa diagnostics, examination of the head-neck and jaw-joint junction, if necessary with x-ray examination. In special questions we evaluate your X-ray 3D image (CBCT). Allergies or intolerance tests can be determined with the help of a laboratory examination.

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Avoid pain

A regular check-up with early-stage diagnosis preserves your teeth, avoids painful treatments and saves you time and money.

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