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We treat health-conscious patients with regenerative dentistry. So that you can keep your teeth healthy into your old age.


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Dr. Christian Holscher

Endodontics, Tooth Prevention

Dentist specializing in endodontics (root canal treatment), dental traumatology (accidental tooth damage), pain diagnostics and tooth prevention. Certified dentist for science-based Biological Dentistry, international author and lecturer.

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Regenerative Dentistry

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Endodontics. We prevent your tooth with passion in a stress- and painless treatment environment. Recent scientific findings and the most modern methods enable us to do tooth prevention for the rest of your life in order to guarantee you a better quality of life thanks to the usual chewing comfort and natural aesthetics. According to biological principles.

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Hereaus-Kulzer Publication Award
German Society for Restorative Dentistry (DGR²Z):

Advancement Award
Independent Federation of German Dentists (FVDZ)

Cooperation with the University of Frankfurt

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Regenerative Dentistry
Share a smile with your future.

Do you know the feeling, when you are told after an accident, that it no longer makes sense to repair your beloved car because it is an "economic total loss"?

Why shouldn't we prevent your tooth? The tooth is a biologically grown structure that no artificial material can compete with. The tooth has no "expiration date" and health has no "inflation". The tooth should last your whole life!
Tooth = future.

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